Why we’ve chosen a2hosting for our web hosting provider ?

Why we've chosen a2hosting for our web hosting provider ? 1
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Why we've chosen a2hosting for our web hosting provider ? 2

Amid the cutthroat competition of web hosting providers – offering great pricing, uptimes, and functionalities, why we are choosing a2hosting?

This article explains the real reason.

It’s not the cheapest web service provider out there for sure.

There are hundreds of companies providing unlimited service maybe for just 5$ a month. But the price is not the only factor for choosing web hosting.

Price is undoubtedly one of the most important factors but there are more like,




Platform Support

Database Support



Considering all these factors, I think I am happier with a2hosting for professional web hosting and I can’t choose anything besides a2hosting for my next purchase.

Before using a2hosting, we’ve used both shared hosting for hosting simple PHP based websites and VPS for hosting web apps requiring more configuration.

Having your VPS is a great idea but maintaining and keeping it up to date and intact is not so easy task. We’re looking for web hosting providers that can provide both the flexibility and power of VPS servers and access to CPanel.

We’ve looked at different alternatives such as Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc but none of them provided what we’re looking for. They have great hosting options but all of them didn’t provide ssh access and cloud service for the price we wanted.


1. Host web apps built on any platform

whether you are building an API on NodeJS, or PHP +laravel, or Python+Django, ROR, or  anything you can think of, you can host all of them on a single web host which is provided by a2hosting. Being a developer myself, This feature is a life-saving one because I need to host web apps built on different platforms based on the client’s need. If you peek a basic shared hosting, it’ll hardly support any other platforms besides PHP. It can support laravel but you need to tinker a lot for it to support all the migrations and artisan commands. You can host the angular, Vue/react apps but you can’t build them on the cloud for test purpose even if you want to and there are tons of other limitations.

Why we've chosen a2hosting for our web hosting provider ? 3

2. Seamless SSH access

Most of the shared web hosting doesn’t provide the ssh functionality hence making everything difficult to manage at the ground level, but if you’re a power user having ssh access to your web hosting simplifies your day-to-day tasks.

3. Automated virus scanning

A2hosting provides inbuilt virus scanning on your web server and quarantines all the possible exploits they found on your system.

It also has built a firewall to prevent DOS attacks or automated bots to exploit your contents.

4. Flexible pricing

Their pricing is flexible with 3 different options which exactly fits all businesses out there. If you are planning to host a simple single website, there’s a plan for you. If you are purchasing for a business, there’s also an option for you. You’ve everything u need in a2hosting. Also, most of the payment methods are supported out of the box. Even if you don’t want to pay for a whole year, you can always select the monthly pricing option but I found it to be a bit expensive compared to another one there.

Why we've chosen a2hosting for our web hosting provider ? 4

5. Best reseller provider

If you are running an IT company and want to provide web hosting for your clients with your custom nameservers and domain names, look no further than a2hosting. Just visit their site and you won’t be disappointed by what they’re offering to resellers.

I don’t say more things regarding it because all other web hosts claim to offer the best hosting services and bla bla. Here I’ve just pointed the simple single reason to choose a2hosting that is the power of VPS and ease of Cpanel offered by a single hosting provider in a single package.

Why we've chosen a2hosting for our web hosting provider ? 5

This might seem like a promotional post but this is more like our experience and reason for choosing the a2hosting. Of course, we have an affiliate account from a2hosting and if you sign up with the link provided you’ll receive some special discount coupon on the purchase of respective services but this doesn’t mean we are only trying to blindly promote a2hosting.

Visit this URL if you want to buy your hosting package from a2hosting.


Please mail us or comment here if you’ve faced any issues with setting up your web host. If you’ve used our affiliate link we are more than happy to help you with answering any issues or helping you with the trouble you faced. We’ve used it for more than 3years so we’ll surely assist you in case of any issues you could probably face. You can also visit our Facebook page and message us there if you need anything.

Thanks a lot for reading this article.