What after SEE is the question asked by most of the students who have just completed their SEE examination. Not just the students, parents are also interested in knowing about the management of free time for their children. This post will try to answer the question of what after see in the most elaborative and explanatory way possible.


You just completed 13 years of schooling. You’ve gone through in numerous hours of study, practice, and dedication. You keep hearing that SEE (Previously SLC) is the iron gate, a part of your life that determines greater outcomes of your future. You feel a bit of panic and fear not knowing what to do. You get bombarded with ads, banners, and pamphlets of courses and training and you can’t decide what to do after your SEE.

Well, relax a bit. Congratulations on completing your school life and give yourself a break. You’ve got probably three months of spare time and you could use this time to do various activities that you thought you would do after SEE. You could also make use of this time by preparing for colleges, especially for those who want to get into good colleges with scholarships and all that good stuff.

Here are some of the ways you could be spending your time after SEE

Bridge Courses

Well, you’ve probably heard this word a lot. Many institutions advertise Bridge Courses and many students and parents are attracted towards it.

So what exactly is Bridge Course?

As the name suggests it acts as a bridge between your school education and high school(Plus 2). A typical bridge course covers a surface level of what you’ll be studying during your high school. You’ll also have to give multiple exams that can help you during the entrance exams of colleges of your choice.

A bridge course may be great for those who want to do exceptionally good during the entrance exams. Popular colleges usually have a great deal of competition as thousands of students apply for admission. In such a scenario, the bridge course can be recommended because even a single extra mark can determine if you’ll get the admission or not.

However, bridge courses are not a compulsory thing to do. If you did great at school then you would not face much difficulty in entrance exams as most of the questions are usually from what you’ve already studied. You can also buy some good book that is already available in the market and practice from those. Lots and lots of resources are also available on the internet so don’t stress yourself too much on getting into Bridge Courses just because some of your friends are studying it.

IT / Computer Training

Computer-related training are really popular at the moment. The current era is digital, so there are lots of hypes around this. Among the huge pile of ads and pamphlets of bridge courses, some of them are probably of computer training. Computer skills are very necessary these days regardless of your career choices. If you already have basic knowledge of computer then that’s great. You’ll do just fine. However, if you do not know how to use a computer then getting into such training are definitely recommended.

Basic computer training generally covers using MS Word, Excel, creating presentations using PowerPoint, sending Emails and various basic computer activities. These skills will definitely come in handy at any stages of your lives.

If you already have good knowledge about computer then you can also take training on Graphic designing, Web Development, and also hardware and network related training. These types of training will really help you if your career choice is to become an IT professional.

Technical Training

All of us have some kinds of hobbies and things that we like to do. Not everything we do need to be related to our career. Follow your passion and interests. You may have interests in music, photography, dancing, singing and many more. You can learn these skills during your holidays. If your hobby can become your career then that great.

Similarly, you could also learn to drive a motorcycle and cars. Just do what interests you because after you join your colleges you might not have enough time for such activities.


Making traveling plans after SEE is one of the things that students usually do. They make plans to go far off, and visit many places. You’ll get to know new places and get experiences. You’ll have a nice time with friends and families. While this may sound exciting and fun, don’t spend all of your time traveling. Your three months are really precious. If you look financially then you are not capable yet. We recommend you focus more on your future right now and move your traveling plans when you become capable and independent.


“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”,

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

I can’t stress you enough how much reading is important. Reading books have lots of advantages such as learning languages, speech, learning about histories, gaining motivation and many more. You don’t have to buy all the books and novels. There are many libraries that you can join. You can also read blogs written by great writers. Make a habit of reading books every day and you’ll see a great deal of improvement in your lives.

Social Medias

Scrolling through your feeds and spending hours of your time each day on Social networks is not something you want to do If you want better productivity. You may feel great chatting, commenting and liking with your friends, but if you do for a long time then you are just wasting your valuable time.

However, you can also make your time on social media productivity. You may have interests and hobbies such as music, guitar, photography, technologies and many more. Why not make your social media profile based on your interests. For Example, if you are keen on photography, create Facebook pages, groups or even blogs and website based on photography. Do it as a hobby and in the long term, it will definitely pay. That’s the power of today’s social media and the internet. All of us have heard about the page Routing of Nepal Bandha. They started a long time back as an informant when there was banda. They posted consistently and now they earn quite a substantial amount through sponsors.

Our Recommendation

We suggest you go for training, reading and acquiring various skills. They will help you in the long run. What you learn stays with you, so learning new skills will be helpful at various stages of your lives.

Don’t waste your time doing nothing. When your 3 months finally ends you will not feel good of yourself if you haven’t done any fruitful activities with your time. Be consistent and persistent with whatever you do and improve as you go. Develop interpersonal and technical skills that are essential for your future professional life.

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