Generally, we have the mentality that we are not worth any job in a company while we are still undergraduate. But that’s untrue, rather we can apply and have a higher probability to get hired. Only thing is we should know where to apply. If we check the job openings number of vacancies for the post of entry-level type of jobs is much higher than for the higher-level post with years of experience.

For example; let’s take a reference of ISPs, they require hundreds of employees for the customer support representative and number of network supervisor barely exceed one in each branch.

Also, we think that it might have an adverse effect on study if we start working while still in college. If one can manage the time in a proper way not only it brings money, it adds value to the knowledge you have. It works best if one can find a type of job that is related to his/her study. It helps to broaden your view towards the importance of education. You realize the application of your subject matter sooner, and as we all know sooner is always the better. Taking a job and study parallel might provide the best result in professional life growth.


Type of jobS you can apply before graduating:
  • Call centers representative:

Usually, every company have the call support service for the easiness of the customer, all CSR need to do is answering calls and provide information as per the agent questions.

  • Customer support in mart:

One can hand walking customer very easily with the proper knowledge of the pricing of the goods and product the mart has. One should have the proper verbal to speak with the customers.

  • Photographer:

If you have a camera at home, do not give a rest to it, grab a rush for some new tricks to capture the steady and a running moment. So that nearby events and ceremonies would go completely without you to capture the day. You can apply the chapter “Optics and lens” you have been reading since the 8th grade here.

  • Designer:

If you have a hobby of running your pencil over the paper, hold there and think for a second to turn the hobby into work for designing logos and arts. Plenty of companies seeks designers to make their companies logos unique.

  • Technician:

If you are interested in fixing the broken home equipment like TV, radio, mobile phone, refrigerator, filter, it’s a great thing. A technician is one of the finest and respected type of jobs on can get and if you have and the insights of the hardware equipment you can get hired by any company and do not require any degree for this.

  • Tuition teacher:

Ask for the home tutor jobs in the neighbour, one of them must be seeking a fresh tutor for their weak child. You read you teach, it could be the revision class for you too.

  • Tourist guide:

Its great opportunity if you locate to the designated tourism area, tourist can’t ask better guide than the local resident guide. You can make good money out of it. You don’t have to travel far, you earn by hanging around your own area.

  • Cashier:

You can count money? That is just enough for the cashier job post. Since these days accounts are handled digitally, it would be plus point if you have basic computer knowledge.

  • Online job:

There are plenty of jobs you can do online. Wasting your time behind the screen can be fruitful. You can apply for data entry jobs, blogging, Photoshop, eBook, web designer, and so on.

  • Delivery Guy:

Make a worth of driving license you own, you love riding bikes? You ride, you earn and also you provide manpower to company and service to the customer.

  • Programmer:

Out of all the subjects you gave exam for, you just pass in programming subjects? Programming is considered the most sophisticated and respected jobs these days. You can visualize things that cannot be seen, what could be an interesting thing than that.
Then you have the experience required for the dream job you apply for after the graduation.

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