Today Nepali is fast growing in IT industry. Every day we see more startups with unique products and service that makes our life easier. The number of Nepali apps on Playstore and AppStore is also increasing.

We have done some research and come up with top 5 Nepali apps in 2019.

Hamro Patro: The Best Nepali Patro

Availability: Android, iOS

According to the number of downloads Hamro Patro easily tops the top 5 Nepali apps in  2019 list.

Hamro Patro is definitely one of the most popular Nepali apps. What started as a Nepali calendar quickly escalated to a multi-functional mobile application for Nepal. It is the app that people of all age group has in their smartphones and use them on a regular basis.

Their main feature is still the online calendar which shows all the festivals, events, holidays and much more. Well, it definitely replaced a physical calendar to some extent. You could quickly navigate to any date, day or the year which makes the app very useful.

Over the years hamro patro added bunch of other features such as News, Kundali, Radio, Forex and blog which is quite useful if you read all the news and happenings published in major newspapers right from your phone.

You also have the option of switching language to either English or Nepal which is quite handy.


Availability: Android iOS

eSewa is the first payment gateway introduced in Nepal in 2009. They have been recognized and registered by the Rashtriya Bank of Nepal as a Payment service provider. Although there are other payment options these days, eSewa remain at the top.

eSewa mobile application is a really useful app for many. It enables you to make payment for many things, from recharging your phone, paying electricity bills or simply sending money to someone. You don’t need to log in to a web version in order to make transactions. The mobile app has almost all the features of the web version. If you’re concerned about someone using your phone and making an unwanted transaction, then I assure you to not be worried. For every transaction, the application required you to enter a Pin that you have specified.



Availability: Android IOS

Have you heard about Uber in foreign countries and how people are earning money using the vehicle that they already own? Well, we now have Tootle in Nepal. Since Tootle is really getting popular, especially in Kathmandu Valley, it made into our list of top Nepali apps in 2019.

Tootle enables you to share your ride with other people that are looking for rides to a certain destination. With huge traffics these days in the street of Kathmandu, it’s quite difficult to get around places if you have to use public vehicles with defined routes. Taxis are really expensive and not affordable for regular usage. Tootle solves this issues where people are able to post the destination where they want to go and a rider can then accept the request and take them there. The client can then pay directly to the rider.

Tootle is getting really popular in Nepal. It is especially a good platform for college going students who need extra income, and of course to those who want to navigate around the streets quickly.

They have two separate apps for riders named Tootle Partner and a regular app named simply Tootle.



Availability: Android

NetTv is the first revolutionary IPTV in Nepal, where you are able to watch the contents of television using the internet. NetTv has attempted to remove the need for conventional TV network by using the internet to deliver TV channels right to the app. It’s easy, convenient and quite cheap. Even if you are traveling, you can view NetTv if you have an internet connection available.

NetTv mobile application provides all the popular channels including national and international. From news, sports and even movies they have them all. They offer free channels as well as paid ones. However, the paid ones are not that expensive. You can purchase them for a single day or for an entire month.

Other features include Movie section where you are able to watch movies. They also have TV shows, but the collections are quite limited.

For viewing TV right from the mobile phone there isn’t a better app than NetTv.



Availability: Android, iOS

Daraz, previously known as Kaymu is an e-commerce company currently owned by Alibaba, the e-commerce giant of China. They are the most popular e-commerce in Nepal, so it’s no surprise that their mobile application is also heavily used in Nepal.

The app contains all the products that are available on their website. The products are easily searchable. The design of the app is quite messy, however, it’s manageable. You can browse and purchase their products right from your phone. However, you need to make an account or log in using your Facebook account, which is okay. They currently have offers for purchase made from their app. They also tend to send lots of notification on your phone which can irritate some people.

Since Daraz has a huge collection of products, their mobile app is used by many people in Nepal.

So this was top 5 Nepali apps in 2019. Which Apps do you think should have made into to list? Comment down below.

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