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If you are looking for the best Internet service provider in Nepal in 2019 this article is for you. The Internet has become the basic needs of people especially in the city area where major activities take place over the internet. The data trend shows that 63% of the total population has access and use the internet on a regular basis.

With the boom in the Internet industry in Nepal, there are many ISP and it can be quite an overwhelming task for some to choose the best one among all. What we all can agree is that we want a faster, reliable, and cheaper internet connection.

We have done some research and have come up with the top 5 Internet Service Providers in Nepal with their description and updated price.


Vianet was established in 1999 and is one of the leading ISP in Nepal mostly because the main service is based on Optical Fiber technology which is modern, reliable and fast. Since 2011 after they had introduce FTTH service, they had quite a boost on it’s user base.

With easy to understand internet plans, anyone can easily choose among the listed ones. They also have different offers, especially during festivals. Comparatively, Vianet offers cheaper and faster internet than other ISP. The customer care is satisfactory. They also have IPTV namely NET TV. You can get

The Vianet has 3 types of plan and they are Fiber Home Plan, SOHO  Plan, and Corporate Plan.

Fiber Home Plan

The Fiber Home Plan as name states is for home usage where internet usage is comparatively low.  At the moment of writing, they are offering speed from 20Mbps to 60Mbps Extra Value Pack.

While this option may seem to be the better and cheaper choice, keep in mind that this option will have FUP(Fair Usage Policy), which means that if you cross certain bandwidth in a certain period of time than you get reduced internet speed which is known as fall back speed. Obviously, this plan is for small home opting for a cheaper option.

Soho Plan

This is the plan I like because it offers the stated speed without volume limitation. However, it is comparatively expensive. Under this plan, we get to choose 3 options according to our needs and budget.

The first one is Fiber Biz Silver which offers 20 Mbps unlimited speed with the cost of  Rs 2100 per month.

The second one is the Fiber Biz Gold which offers 30 Mbps unlimited speed with the cost of Rs 6100 per month.

 The third one is the Fiber Biz Platinum which offers 40 Mbps unlimited speed with the cost of Rs 9100 per month.  The plans are suitable for business and corporate houses where there are a lot of people using the same internet.

Corporate Plan

If the default plans do not meet your business requirements and you need customized configurations then you should go for the corporate plan. You’ll get your quotation according to your customizations.

Package Bandwith Monthly Price Installation Charge
Fiber Home Plan 20 Mbps Rs 1400 Rs 3500
Rs 2500 for Net Tv
30 Mbps Rs 1650
60 Mbps Rs 2150
SOHO Plan 20 Mbps Rs 2100 Rs 3000
30 Mbps Rs 3100
40 Mbps Rs 6100

*Prices are subjected to 13% VAT


Talking about the best internet service provider in Nepal, world link comes first undoubtedly in our mind. Worldlink claims to be the largest ISP of Nepal and is definitely one of the leading ISP.

They have a large user base. Worldlink was really popular during the cable internet era. Now they too have switched to the optical fiber which is faster and a lot reliable. In terms of plans presented on the website, it will definitely confuse many people who do not have much technical information. Their mobile application, however, is very easy to use. You can perform a task such as changing the wifi password easily.

Residential Broadband

So, the basic plan is intended for home usage which falls under the Residental Broadband category.  Under this, you have different speeds ranging from 20mbps to 60mbps. Again, don’t let this number fool you.

This plan has a FUP limit, meaning that you will have a fallback speed after the consumption of a certain amount of bandwidth. As this is intended for home use, many people may not even reach that limit if you small users at home.

SME & SME 24

For small to medium business and corporate house, they have two types of plans, which is SME prime and SME 24.

Again this will confuse many people as to what these terms represent. The SME prime means that you’ll get high-speed internet during the office time or the time you subscribed and at other times you’ll get reduced bandwidth.

As with SME 24, you get the same high-speed internet all day and night. They have two speeds under both categories. They are 10 Mbps unlimited speed and 20 Mbps unlimited.

For a more customized options, you need to get a quotation from the world link to meet your business needs.

Package Bandwith Monthly Price Installation Charge
Residental Broadband 20 Mbps Rs 1400 Rs 3500
Rs 4000 for Net Tv
35 Mbps Rs 1750
55 Mbps Rs 2600
SME PRIME 10 Mbps Rs 2000 Rs 3500
20 Mbps Rs 3000
SME 24 10 Mbps Rs 3000
20 Mbps Rs 4000

*Prices are subjected to 13% VAT


Subisu used to be the most popular ISP in Nepal. However, the popularity has drastically reduced down, mostly because of the downtime and customer care is certainly not the best. Many people have complained about the reduced quality and unresponsive nature of the company. Subisu offers FTTH, cable and wireless internet. They are also widely promoting Clear TV which basically is internet TV and is getting popular in the Nepali market these days.

The Subisu has really flexible plans. They offer FTTH internet ranging from 15 Mbps to 60Mbps. They have both limited and unlimited plans.

They have cable internet, which can be a cheaper option for some people. However, cable internet is not as fast and reliable as the FTTH.

Subisu is definitely recommended if you need flexible plans. They also have many offers on a regular basis. If Subisu increases its quality along with improving customer care, then it can definitely be one of the best ISP of Nepal.

Package Bandwith Monthly Price Installation Charge
FTTH 15 Mbps Rs 1158 Rs 3856
with Clear Tv
20 Mbps Rs 1358
30 Mbps Rs 1658
60 Mbps Rs 2058
Cable Internet 15 Mbps Rs 1158 Rs 2260
20 Mbps Rs 1358
30 Mbps Rs 1658
60 Mbps Rs 2058
SME 15 Mbps Rs 2500 Rs 2500
20 Mbps Rs 3000
30 Mbps Rs 4000

Be Sure to Check their website as they have a lot more plans.

*Inclusive of VAT,


Classictech is one of the best wireless internet service providers in Nepal right now. They also provide internet via optical fiber. The customer care is exceptionally good and they are trusted and used by many Nepali official bodies such as Nepal Police Headquarters, NPL, NAC and many more.

They provide services from home, small offices/enterprises and Corporate houses. Like other ISP the home plan is subjected to FUP as well. There is not much to say and complain about other than they are slightly cheaper.

They are also known to provide features such as MPLS Intranet, IP Surveillance, Data Center and much more.

Package Bandwith Monthly Price Installation Charge
Home Plans 30 Mbps Rs 786 Rs 3500
40 Mbps Rs 1200
60 Mbps Rs 1564
Small Office Plans 10 Mbps Rs 1500 Rs 3500
20 Mbps Rs 2000


According to their website, Broadlink also claims to be the largest ISP of Nepal and leader of telecommunication. When they first emerged in the market they provided free internet across many places inside Kathmandu Valley. They brought in wireless internet technology to people of Nepal and undoubtedly gain popularity among the people of Nepal. They are available at major districts in Nepal and provide services namely Broad Fiber, Broad Wifi, Broad Tv and Broad Tel.

The plans are pretty much basic yet slightly cheaper. The Broad Wifi is quite popular and unique amongst other ISP. Although easy to install, it is subjected to climate condition and on a rainy day, you can expect the connection to fluctuate a lot.

At the moment they are offering internet speed of 10Mbps, 15 Mbps and 20 Mbps. If you need customization to meet your business requirement then you need to get their quotation.

Package Bandwith Monthly Price Installation Charge
FTTH Internet 10 Mbps Rs 999 Rs 3000
15 Mbps Rs 1299
20 Mbps Rs 1499


Here we have tried to provide you all the necessary information related to the best internet service provider in Nepal including their price and services. Which ISP would you prefer to go with ? Please do’not forgot to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank You.

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