In the previous article, we have talked about everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

After knowing the fundamentals, Its time to look at different affiliate marketing networks and the strength and weakness of each of them. As you already know, affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog for a passive income, choosing the affiliate network also plays a significant role in revenue you could generate.

Although many peoples are living as a full time as an affiliate marketer, it might not be so easy for a beginner to earn a good amount of money. Specially for a beginner its really difficult to make your first sale. Your blogs need to have great content and trustable reviews among thousands of websites out there. Your followers must need to have trust in you and the reviews you are making.


Affiliate networks are the middleman that connects you and your websites with the merchants that actually sells the product. For example, if you write the review on particular hair removal product, affiliate marketer connects you to the merchant which actually sales such hair removal products.

When someone actually purchases such a product from that vendor you’ll get a cut of the profit from that sales. The concept is not so difficult to follow here. With some short introduction, let’s start talking about the most popular affiliate marketing networks and their pros and cons.

  1. Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliate program is undoubtedly the most popular affiliate programs out there. Amazon is the worlds biggest e-commerce platform which is popular all over the world. Every day millions of peoples regularly shop with Amazon for different kinds of products.

As Amazon is already the trustable platform for most of the buyers it is really a great idea to join Amazon affiliates as your next affiliate network. You can find almost any kind of product in Amazon affiliates so it’s not so difficult to find out the products matching your topic.

As everyone has an Amazon account and everyone is buying from it on an everyday basis you don’t have to do that much hard work for getting sales from your website. It has easy and simple application verification guideline and also has a good acceptance rate.

Although the commissions are lesser compared to other networks, it’s not so difficult to do marketing effort to make someone purchase from Amazon. Once accepted you can sell almost any products in Amazon even the third party one without having to join individual programs. Another great thing about Amazon is that your client does not need to buy the products from your link immediately from your site.

if someone buys the same product, the viewer has clicked from your site within 24 hours you could still get commission off of it. In 2017 Amazon has made an update that made many marketers sad. The peak commission rate is dropped to 10% and the category list is lessened as well.

The rate of commission for some categories dropped up to 1-2% making it really difficult to earn significant revenue. Still, Amazon is the most popular affiliate programs you could join today.

Minimum Payout: BiMonthly basis (100$)
Payment Methods: Bank Deposit/Gift voucher/Cheque
Products Catalog: Great
Beginner Friendly: Yes

  2. Clickbank Affiliates

Clickbank is also the major affiliate marketing network which is here for a while. Having over 200 million customers they have a huge number of products and categories primarily ebooks. It is totally free and easy to join the Clickbank for the beginners as an affiliate marketer. Their commission rate is also higher compared to other networks.

There is also the online academy called Clickbank university which teaches various courses on affiliate marketing and how to get success with it. The major downside of Clickbank is that most of the products in it are on the ebooks category.

Also, the many products here are of low quality and not from a recognized brand. So it might be harder to sell the products from Clickbank compared to Amazon.

Minimum Payout: 10$ (default 100$, Threshold basis)
Payment Methods : Cheque,Direct Deposit,WireTransfer,Payoneer
Products Catalog: Great
Beginner Friendly: Yes

  3. ShareASale

ShareASale is another widely popular affiliate marketing network with over 18 years of running history. It was acquired in 2017 by an international affiliate marketing company Awin making it accessible for marketers around the whole world.

It has a good reputation as an affiliate marketing partner for many marketers. It’s totally free to join it and also has a wide variety of products to choose from. Their payout rate is also significantly higher as compared to other networks.

They are connected with over 5000 vendors selling products in categories such as cosmetics, luxury items, eyewear, sports and many more. So it’s not so hard to find the products in your niche.

They also use a power rank system to rank the vendors based on their popularity making it easier for you to choose the vendor to market your product with. If you have a good quality website getting approval from ShareASale is not so difficult.

One major drawback of using ShareASale is about its higher payout threshold which is around 50$. For beginners and startups, it would be a difficult challenge to reach 50$ in the beginning. In addition, if your account remains under 25$, they might delete your account making it hugely troublesome for beginners to run with ShareASale for a long term.


Minimum Payout: Monthly (35$)
Payment Methods: Cheque/Direct Deposit
Products Catalog: Good
Beginner Friendly: Yes


JVZoo is the Software as a solution approach in the affiliate marketing field with an integrated networking based affiliate model. Its relatively new affiliate network with over 6 years of running history . its also enlisted as the top 5000 fastest growing company in the USA for 2016 and 2017.

JVZoo has the online marketplace where product creators can sell their product for free and it charges the standard fee of 5% commission on anything that is sold through it.

Affiliates get paid through PayPal instantly after the sale is done. Although there is no payment threshold, products in JVZoo are often of lower quality as compared to other networks.

If you have recruited other affiliates you could also earn a commission based on sales called second tier commission made by them making it a good networking matrix. Also if the buyer purchases another product even if it’s not referred affiliates also gets the commission off of it.

The major drawback of using jvzoo is its no choice for a payment gateway. Paypal is the only option it supports as a payment channel. Most of the top-selling products in jvzoo are digital goods and are often of lower quality which could potentially degrade the quality and trust of your website.

If some buyers ask for a refund on that product your commissions would also be taken back to buyers.

Minimum Payout: Weekly payout (100$)
Payment Methods: Paypal,, Zift, and Stripe
Products Catalog: Average
Beginner Friendly: Average

5.Commission Junction Affiliates

Commission Junction is one of the oldest running affiliate marketing network out there with over 2 decades of experience. They have a huge number of marketers and a good global reach. They also have various tools to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

They have different widgets of products which could be linked to your website as a slideshow /grid to increase the interaction and sales.

They also have deep link automation feature to auto monetize the links that lead to the customer to CJ advertiser domains and they also have real-time transaction monitoring. Even though the platform they provide is really great their application process and acceptance rate is pretty low. Especially for beginners getting approved from CJ would be a difficult task.

They review your sites based on its quality of contents and traffic as well as optimization of a website for affiliate marketing. Even if you get approved from it, you might also need to get approved for their vendor’s own affiliate programs for selling their product.

Overall it means getting started with CJ is a really difficult challenge for the startups and beginners. Although their brand and vendors list are quite good, it’s basically not the site for beginners.

Minimum Payout: 20th of each month, (50$ direct deposit, 100$ cheque)
Payment Methods: Cheque and Direct Deposit.
Products Catalog: Good
Beginner Friendly: No

These are the top 5 affiliate marketing websites that you could join based on your requirements and experience. All of the websites listed here are product based networks, which means you have to sell the products as an affiliate marketer.

If you have a good website with good traffic and content you could surely give them a try and start earning with them. In the next article, I would talk about different small service-based affiliate programs in the market that you could instantly get started with.

See you in our next post. Thank You.


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