Software industry in Nepal has been booming with hundreds of startups joining the market every year . Although the lack of infrastructure ,development and awareness in the field of I.T is the major hurdle for making it a mainstream industry , hundreds of companies in Nepal are already providing some great solutions for various governmental , non-governmental as well as international clients . Although the failure rate of startups are quite high its not stopping the tech enthusiasts to come up with great ideas to explore the Nepali tech market .
In this post we will talk about top 12 software companies in Nepal based on their company size, number of employees and their overall revenue per year. Although most of the companies do not disclose their details to outside , we can get various things from their online presence as well as from those who worked on that those companies . Some of the common thing among these companies are ,

  1. Most of them are doing a outsourcing based business providing service to the international clients.
  2. Most of them has their branch in various other countries.
  3. Most of them has more than 200 employees working with them.
  4. Most of them are older than 10 years.
  5. Most of them are involved in Service based market rather than product based one.
  6. All of them are focusing their service to the corporate and enterprise clients.
  7. All of them are located inside Kathmandu valley.

a) Cotiviti/Verscend

Founded in Year 2000 by entrepreneur Rudra Pandey in the name of D2Hawkyee it was later sold in 2009 and changed its name to Verisk later on. It again changed its name to verscend and then to cotiviti in 2019.
Its one of the largest IT company in Nepal. Having over more than 400 employees working under them, they provide the healthcare, analytics and insurance based solution to USA based consumers . Cotiviti has branch in Nepal ,USA,India and various other countries and is owned by major company located in USA.Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is an offshore development house for Cotiviti. Cotiviti is in the business of offering risk assessment services and decision analytics in fields like property/casualty insurance, reinsurance, mortgage, healthcare, government and corporate risk management. It has its main office at Hattisar, Kathmandu . It is also the one of best paying IT companies in Nepal.

b) Deerwalk Inc.

Founded By Entrepreneur Rudra Pandey in 2009 Deerwalk is one of the leading tech companies in Nepal with having more than 350+ employees . Its the american outsourcing company providing various kinds of medicare related solutions to USA based healthcare clients. It is located in Sifal Kathmandu and has own school as well as College for BSC CSIT and also the institute for teaching various kinds of IT related courses. Deerwalk is organizing various kinds of IT and career related programs in timely fashion for IT students.

c. F1Soft

Founded by Biswas Dhakal in 2004 F1Soft is one of the most popular IT companies in Nepal having good access to wide range of Nepali financial Market. Specially focusing on banking and E-Commerce solutions , F1Soft has great products such as CashOnAd , ESewa , PhonePay and many more. It has recently acquired the E-Commerce wing of bhatbhateni called and named it to esewapasal placing its foot in Nepali E-Commerce market. It has more than 250+ employees working under them. Its providing the products to various banks and other finance related firms in Nepal . Its major products are Banking Software and Various mobile applications .Its located at Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu.

d. Leapfrog

Leapfrog is the USA based outsourcing company with its HQ in Emeryville California. Leapfrog is providing enterprise software solutions as well as full life cycle technology services to various clients in Nepal and USA. It is overseeing various VC funded startups worldwide. Beside that its also providing various kinds of professional courses for IT students .Its major field of expertise is Rapid prototyping and development of challenging software projects. Its located at Charkhal , Dillibazar. Started by 8 Peoples in the beginning of 2012 it already has more than 100+ employees under its 7 years of operation.

e. Logpoint

LogPoint is the SIEM pioneer company founded in Denmark having its Nepal branch at Jawlakhel Lalitpur. It provides various kinds of business solution for value creation and growth of business firms worldwide. It’s popular EAL3+ software is widely popular business security management software. It specializes in Compliance , Forensics and Operational insight for large enterprises.

f. CloudFactory

CloudFactory is also the most popular IT companies in nepal. It has provided home based jobs for hundreds of Nepali youths and has good reputation in local market. Also called the sprout technology , it is mainly focusing its services on Nepal and Kenya. Its established in 2008 and has more than 130+ Employees in its Nepal branch and is Located at Bhaisepati Lalitpur, Its major specialization is in Online jobs, Software development and Data Entry.

g.Eb Pearls

Eb Pearls is the Australia based multinational company located at Kupondole,Lalitpur . It has various branches in Sydney,Melbourne and London . It is established in 2004 and has more than 130+ Employees working under its Nepal branch. Its major expertise is with web design, mobile app development and E-Commerce solutions for various Australian Firms.It’s also partnered with Samsung providing various solutions to them.

h. Avionte

Avionte is the USA based company with its branch in Nepal. Its founded by Sandip Acharya and has more than 100+ Employees . Among them more than 60+ are engineers. Its major field of expertise are Data Migration, EBooks and Data security management of US Banks.


Braindigit is also the popular name in nepali IT companies. Its established in 2008 and has more than 100+ employees working undet them. Located at Gyaneshwor Kathmandu. It has its contact office in Canada , Philippines and Australia. Its main focus is in Business Application Development, Enterprise content management , Mobile App Development and E-Commerce solutions for various businesses worldwide.

Yomari is one of the oldest company in Nepal established in 1997. It has more than 70+ Employees and is located at Manbhawan Lalitpur.It has worked with government of Nepal, Nepal Telecom and providing various service to national and international clients.

k. Javra

Initially founded in city of Culemborg , Netherlands at 1999 and in Nepal at 2006 Javra is one of the popular software company in Nepal. It is working on transformation of traditional way of business functioning to the clients located at USA and Canada . Its Nepal branch specializes in outsourcing of various solutions for companies worldwide. It provides cost effective solutions for modern web apps , mobile apps , business intelligence and e-Commerce.

These are the top 12 IT companies in Nepal in our ranking. One of the sad thing about the above list is that only few of them are actually working on providing solutions to the Nepali Market. Nepali tech market is still in its infancy and has lot more to grow to be the major player in our economy . Still the possibilities are endless. Traditional and manual labor is slowly transforming by various products created by Nepalese companies for the Nepali market. While Nepali government is busy handing over their projects to foreign companies ,Dozens of Nepali companies are already handling the big services for their global clients. Hopefully Nepal based software companies would be able to be the leading player in Nepali economy and transform it into stable and global front in upcoming years.

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