pubg banned in nepal

PUBG Banned in Nepal

Yes, you heard it right. PUBG is being banned in Nepal. The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police requested the Telecommunication Authority to impose the ban on the online multiplayer game that has taken storm all over the world. According to the officials, the decision was escalated as a result of increasing problems including mental and physical health due to playing the game for a long period of time.

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG was launched sometime around 3rd quarter of 2018 and since then it has gained quite a popularity all over the world with more than 200,000 downloads worldwide within the first month. The game was developed by PUBG corporation a subsidiary of BLUEHOLE a South Korean video gaming company. The game is well optimized for mobile and there isn’t any alternative that is close to the level that PUBG is currently.


PUBG is a competitive battle royale game where you start with absolutely nothing. Every round consists of 100 players who shoot down from an airplane in a parachute. They then have to scavenge to find weapons and vehicles. Basically, the last one standing (or a squad) wins the chicken dinner (wins the match). The game features really awesome graphics and gameplay that resembles the real world where you have to be cautious at all times. You, along with your team have to strategically position yourself to give yourself an edge in order to be the last one remaining.

So why is PUBG being banned in Nepal?

If you remember a few years ago when Pokemon go first made its debut. It was a huge success. People all over the world were playing the game. Many of them were quite addicted and were competitive. Like many things, Pokemon Go also created many problems in people’s lives. There were cases where people were too focused on catching pokemon that they didn’t pay any attention to their surrounding which resulted in many accidents. As a result, many countries were against this game.


While PUBG doesn’t require you to move around the city, the addiction definitely creates a problem for people, especially the young kids who really need to focus on their studies and career.

There are lots of news on a daily basis that reflected the negative impact that PUBG create. In one instance in India, a teen withdrew money from his father’s bank account in order to buy PUBG equipment. The father later found out after he complained to police about the missing Rs 50,000 from his bank account.

Similarly, there were cases where teens committed injury and even suicide because their parents didn’t buy them a good smartphone in order to play PUBG mobile. In some states of India PUBG is already banned.


Nepal has its own share of a story regarding the effect of PUBG. Many people are playing this game on a daily basis which has negatively impacted their lives and those around them.

There are cases where teens faced neck and back injury due to prolonged usage of the game.
In one case a person was playing the game for a long time in the bathroom without realizing that his legs had gone numb. When he tried to stand up, he couldn’t and thus caused the accident.

There are numerous other cases where teens demanded their parents for a smartphone to play the game. The game has created a negative impact on especially to school and college going students. They easily lose focus on their studies because their friends constantly ask the game to play with them.

The game also creates rage and anger when their player dies. Many people are also using their real money to buy stuff on the game such as clothes and decorative items.

Some people have reported that their love life was greatly due to the addiction towards the game. Similarly reports on constant headache, getting nauseous, neck and back pain has been increasing

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority has already sent a letter to ISPs regarding the ban. We are yet to hear the official reply. We have seen the trend that when our neighboring country India makes certain rules, we tend to do the same. So in my opinion, the decision to ban PUBG in Nepal will go through and take effect shortly after.
I’m sure there are lots of parents that are thrilled to hear the news because their children are so hooked into the game that they have neglected dinner time and even stopped spending time with others.

Our Verdict

If we actually think about it, the decision to ban PUBG is kind of justified. Prolonged gaming and neglecting day to day activities do have a negative impact on one’s productivity. However, the game itself is not the only reason. Parents who give access to a smartphone to their children at an early age are equally to be blamed. In the future there will be games or apps that are equally addictive and banning all of them doesn’t seem logical. What needs to be changed is the mindset of the youths itself. The alternative to the banning could be something that India did where each player can play an only certain amount of time each day. However, I can see how that could be difficult to implement as they have to come from the developers itself.

hour limit

For now, let’s wait for the next move by the government. I’m sure the reaction will be mixed where some people will be glad that PUBG is getting banned, and some people getting furious at the government’s decisions.

What else do you guys think will be banned next?
Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok? Maybe the Internet itself?

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