If you are using your friend’s Netflix to watch movies and tv shows, you will not be able to do so after the new policy changes on netflix. Netflix will give a big shock to those who taste movies on Netflix with someone else’s account. Netflix is ​​now working on such technology, which will make the possibility of sharing complex and terribly hard.

Netflix will include such features very soon, after which only the user who has registered for Netflix will be able to use Netflix only. According to the Netflix policy, a Netflix spokesperson said it is forbidden to share any more passwords and the company is going to operate according to its terms and conditions.

Netflix users create different profiles in the same account, but now Netflix will make some changes in it. After clicking on the profile, you are the user, verify that OTP will be sent to your mail, and only after using that OTP will you be able to watch Netflix.

Along with this, there will also be an option to skip the notification. If you want to insert OTP later, you can choose the skip option, but in that case, you will have the pop-up window open again and again.

Netflix has started the trial with its new feature, and currently, the trial is going on on selected users only. Under this, the notifications will be sent every time you open Netflix and you have to verify your identity. If you are watching Netflix from someone else’s account, then there is a problem for you.
The problem is that for OTP, you have to call your friend again and again. It is not always possible to do this. Netflix has decided to make these changes at a time when Netflix’s viewership has increased significantly. Netflix has had 200 million viewers in the last month. However, it is believed that after this change of Netflix, maybe some viewers may be reduced.

The year 2020 was a lockdown in most countries of the world. People were barred from leaving their homes, and the lockdown opened the door to luck for Netflix. According to a report published in CNN, in 2020, only 9.3 million people in Asia subscribed to Netflix, 65% more than in 2019. After the unprecedented success in Asia, Netflix is ​​now trying to reach markets far from Netflix’s reach with original content in Asia.

The most interesting thing is that Netflix has not yet reached China. Yet Netflix is ​​no less a surprise than it has become a despot king of the cinema world.
Netflix COO Greg Peter is proud of the success of Netflix and says that we are excited to expand our reach in Asian markets. There are crores of crores of people in Asia, whom we are trying to reach.

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