Is The Samsung Galaxy S8 Still Worth to Buy at 2019?

The Samsung’s 2017 flagship smartphone S8 and S8+ was quite a phone when it was launched. It was one of a kind with beautiful bezel-less display and excellent screen quality. The all glass design and edge screen makes it more than enough to make it feel premium. Both S8 and S8+ were in high demand when it was launched. The demand is from the result of the cutting edge technologies that Samsung introduced into its flagship model.

It’s already almost 2 years when S8 made its appearance. So, is it still relevant at 2019? The S8 and S8+ had initial price of around $720 and $850 respectively so at current price of $430, is it still worth your money?

While the current flagship S9 is getting all the attention, it’s worth to note that apart from newer hardware and slightly better camera, there is not much difference from the older model S8. The S8 model also received Oreo upgrade and apart from few hardware-specific functionalities such as super slow motion and AR Emoji’s, they have the same functionalities.


Talking about the specifications the S8 comes with Snapdragon 835. While it’s slower and less efficient than Snapdragon 845 that comes with S9, it is quite enough. Applications loads amazingly fast, camera launches quickly and the overall UI and interfaces are really smooth.

One of the main asset if this phone is definitely it’s brilliant screen. The screen provides crisp, clear and amazing color reproduction. Out of the box the S8 comes with FHD+ 2,220×1080 screen resolution. You could however switch to WQHD 2,960×1,440 resolution.


The front camera has 8 megapixels and the rear one is equipped with 12 megapixels. It takes decent photos compared to newer phone that are available in the market these days.

Gaming on this phone is a not a disappointment. Even high graphics game are smooth on this phone. The phone is equipped with 3000 mah battery. So the battery life is not that great. 

Although the phone still stands out in the crowd and the features are still relevant, the bottom line is that it’s an old phone. Buying this phone at this stage of it life cycle might not be a good idea. The S8 is promised with Android Pie update and that will be it for this phone.

Our Verdict

If you can stretch your budget by about $100 then we would definitely suggest you to go for the newer generation S9 which is about $590 at this time. If $100 bothers you, than buying S8 will do well too as it’s still a capable phone and still holds value in the market.

We suggest you not to buy used S8 because most likely than not, the used S8 will not have good battery performance and will not even last a day. 

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