How to Retrieve EDV confirmation number?

It’s very likely that many of us have misplaced EDV confirmation number that we received during registration last year. Are you looking for a way to retrieve EDV confirmation number?

Confirmation Number is mandatory to check if you have won the EDV lottery. If you have lost the number then don’t panic yet. If you have access to the email that you used during the registration then, you have good chance to retrieve your EDV confirmation number.

We will guide you through the whole process.

To know how to find your DV results please follow this link.


STEP ONE: Go to the official EDV website


Click the Check Status Button.

STEP TWO:  You will land into a page something as below. Click Continue.


STEP THREE: Great, now you will see that you have a list of forms you need to fill if you had the confirmation number in order to check if you have won the lottery or not. Since you obviously don’t have the number, click the Forgot Confirmation Number link.


STEP FOUR:  You will now have to fill up some details to verify that your details.


Be Sure to enter the correct name and family name.


Enter Your Date of birth that you entered during registration.


Enter the email Address that you entered during registration.


Complete the caption and then click Submit.


Congratulations, you just retrieved your confirmation number. Now you can check if you have won the EDV lottery or not.  If you face any kind of issues during the process make sure to comment down below. We will address you immediately.

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