In our previous article, we have talked about earning money online with affiliate marketing and in this post we will talk about making money from content locking/CPA step by step. One major problem with affiliate marketing is that it takes lots of time and effort to build sustainable income source and you also need to have approval from most of the networks before you could join them as a marketer. Content locker is also another way to earn money online from your blog/website without having to do extensive work for setting up a sustainable income stream. Although the possibility of income won’t be that high as compared to affiliate marketing, it provides a quick and easy way for the beginners to monetize their blog.

Content lockers are also called CPA or cost per action because users have to do a particular action on your website for you to get a commission. Content lockers are the scripts that block the part of the webpage with good contents. Users won’t be able to access that content unless they perform some kind of actions to unlock it. If your blog has some valuable content that your readers are in heavy need you could block that part of the content to be accessible only after some quick actions done by your visitors. The action could be a survey, captcha’s, or some kind of downloads. Whenever the users perform the actions required to unlock the content you’ll get rewarded with some amount based on the type of action as well as their country of origin. Although it could make your followers angry and leave your site, if your locked content is genuine, original and valuable to readers – they should have no problem to do some tasks to download the content.

Before starting with a content locker you must need to have a blog or website with good traffic and some premium contents which users could be interested to download. If your blog/website is made with WordPress then you could find different plugins to work with. Almost all content lockers provide some sort of scripts or code to embed in your application. After embedding them in your site, your premium content would get locked to be accessible only for a CPA Lead.

Most of the advertisement networks pay their publishers based on clicks or views that their ads generate. CPA based advertiser pays you the money only after some action is completed on your website. For example, there could be some websites which pay you $1 on each signup they get from your websites. CPA based marketing works by showing different offers to the viewers on a publisher website. Each offer has some kind of pre-determined actions to perform and based on its completion of a task commission is paid to its publisher. The actions to perform varies from networks to networks. The most common type of actions are filling a signup form, getting a quote,signing up for a free trial, entering in competition,filling the surveys,voting in poll,downloading an app or even buying a product/service.Whatever the content is it won’t be accessible unless user completes such actions.

Earning money with content lockers involves the following steps.

  1. You create a blog/website with some valuable content.
  2. You join the content locker websites and get the code/plugin to use with your blog.
  3. Visitors complete the CPA to access the locked content.
  4. You get rewarded for each successful leads.

Some of the pros of using content lockers to earn money online are,

  1. It’s relatively easy to set up and get started with.
  2. Most of the CPA websites do not have any strict requirement to join with.
  3. You could lock almost any kind of content.
  4. You could use it in multiple websites.

Some of the drawbacks of using content lockers in your sites are,

  1. It might give a bad impression to your visitors and make them leave your site.
  2. Income is relatively low as compared to other methods.
  3. It might hamper your site’s reputation and SEO.
  4. A Good number of traffic might be required to earn a significant amount of money.

Terms in CPA Marketing

Understanding some key terms in CPA is very essential to get started with content lockers. Some of the common terms are :

Niche: Particular section or topic of focus on a market.
CTR: Also called click-through rate is the ratio of people which clicked to content lockers versus a total number of visitors on your page.
EPC: Also called earning per click, its the average amount of money you could earn per completed actions.
Leads: The completed action which has made you some money.
Lockers: Some scripts which ask you to complete the action before revealing the locked content to you.
Advertiser: Company which provide content lockers
Publisher: Person who places content locker in their website

Now you must have understood a lot of things about CPA and how it works as a whole. Now its a time to look at different CPA networks and their details. CPA networks connects your website with the advertisers and act as a middleman handling the connection between your site and the advertisers. Some networks has some acceptance guideline which limits on who could join the networks.

Here are list of some popular content lockers that you could join today.

2.CPA Grip

CPAGrip is one of the most popular and number one CPA network out there providing various kinds of offers with compelling paying rate. They have easy to use and user-friendly dashboard to make it easier to get started with and manage all your offers.It also has an integrated chat functionality to help you in case of any trouble. There’s also a forum where you can discuss about different topics . It has different kinds of lockers such as page lockers,url lockers,offer walls,virtual currency lockers and referrel programs to make your journey easier .

They also provide a audience tracking system to skyrocket your earning potential. They support custom publisher content tools with in demand publisher supports. They has a leading 5% referral commission rate and timely payment service. They provide url,file and content lockers with over 2000 campaigns available in the market. Its really simple and clean UI makes it beginner friendly and its also a really quick way to get started with CPA. You can use self hosted lockers or the lockers hosted by them based on your requirements. They support mobile and desktop related offers. They provide the payment via different channels like paypal payoneer and wire transfer.

Minimum Payout : 50$
Payout Methods : Paypal, Payoneer, Wire/ACH and Check by mail.


2. CPALead

CPALead is also another top CPA and PPC network with tons of CPA’s available as well as CPI-based on app installs. This site is started in 2007 and has tons of publishers and advertisers till now.It also has a good ranking system to offer the best services to its publishers. Their payout rate is very good compared to other networks out there. You can create an unlimited number of offers in CPAlead. It also has a forum called CPALead Community which helps you to join with different elite marketers and learn different tips and ideas about it. As they also support app based actions its good for publishers with different kind of niche.

Minimum Payout : $50 (weekly,monthly,bi-weekly)
Payout Methods :Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

3. AdWorkMedia

It is also another great CPA network providing different kinds of lockers as well as products. It is started in 2010 and has the collection of over 2500 offers and different bonus offers to encourage you. They also have a 24/7 support team for helping you on any kind of problems. The payment system is very versatile supporting many gateways such as Check, Paypal, Direct deposit/wire transfer, Payoneer ,ayza and western union. They support real time postback, XML and pixel tracking . They have different kind of offers on various categories with support for templates and self hosted lockers. As it has tons of offfers to choose from your niche could fit on any of the categories included in it.

Minimum Payout :$35 (Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly)
Payout Methods :Check, Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, AlertPay/Payza, Western Union, ACH (Direct Deposit)

4. MGCash

It’s also the widely popular content and traffic monetization platform offering a different kind of monetization solution for both developers as well as publishers providing solutions to earn money from apps and websites. It is really innovating network used by thousands of publishers and advertisers worldwide. It also has pre-hosted landing page allowing you to create your own customized lockers. They have tons of features making it usable for all sort of niche. They provide payments on a bi-weekly basis with various methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, direct deposit and wire transfer.
They have a minimum payout rate of 50$. Their service is internationally available and also offer direct advertiser relationships and international campaigns. Their approval rate is also high and provides various bonuses based on your performance. Their website also provides various kinds of guides about succeeding in the CPA market. Their 24-hour service helps you to resolve your any technical issues on time. They also have a great referrel scheme providing 5% commission on every referrel you make with lifetime commission. They also has a youtube monetizer providing a url shortner to use with Youtube video description allowing you to generate more revenues even with videos.Its one of the must tried network for any CPA marketer.

Minimum Payout :$50 Net-15 (Below $1K),Bi-weekly ($2000.00/Month),Weekly ($4000.00/Month)
Payout Methods :EpayService, PayPal, Wire, WebMoney, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

5. Adscend Media

Adscend media is also a great CPA network with huge numbers of offers and lockers targeted for international traffic. It helps you to generate revenue from downloadable files, ebooks, videos and different kinds of digital content. It is especially useful for blogs with premium digital contents. They have the community of over 31,000 publishers and they have already paid over 60 million dollars in commissions. They provide a virtual reward system to make the publishers active and engaged. They have an inventory of more than 2000 offers in different categories. Integrating its offer with your app/website is seamless and easy.They also have a weekly payment system with 5 different payment methods. They have a dedicated account dashboard to help you manage your offers in better way. They also has some unique features such as premium mobile monetizing , Inventory, global schemes ,offer walls and many more. In conclusion if you need a network with different features and schemes beyond content locking it could be the perfect choice for you.

Minimum Payout : $50 , Net-30 / Net-15 / Net-7 / Bi-weekly
Payout Methods :Check/Wire/ACH/Paypal

That’s the list of top 5 content locker networks in 2019 to monetize your blog for passive income and generate revenue with premium contents you have. Besides a traditional type of ads, lockers have the potential to generate more revenue per visitor. All you have to focus on is the contents you are providing and the way you are presenting it. Quality is the major thing determining your future in the affiliate market.

Hence we can conclude that CPA’s are a great way to monetize your blog and one of the best way to earn a passive income online.After reading this article we hope that you have clear idea on CPA and some of the most popular CPA networks. Which network would you give a try? Please let us know in the comment section below. Please do not forget to like/comment/bookmark this website. Thank you from a techbytesonline team.

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