How to earn money online is undoubtedly the one of most searched topic in the entire internet . Everyone wants to earn money online but not knowing the correct way might make us frustrated and lead us to left our journey without reaching the final goal. There are thousands of articles in internet showing hundreds of ways to earn money online but most of them simply do not work at all. Even worse , most of the articles are prepared to scam the readers by asking them to sign up or invest to some of the affiliate programs from which they might get benefited.

The purpose of this article is to show you the clear guideline on starting up how to earn money online from Nepal. This article is the multi part series containing everything you need to know about EMO in Nepal from initial setup to detailed explanation of each techniques. We only include the topics which we have tried by ourselves and we have been able to gain some income from that. We will not ask for you to sign up or join any affiliate networks neither we ask for any kind of payment. All these contents are prepared for you to guide you towards earning your first income online. Earning your first 100$ would be the most challenging part but growing 100$ to 200$ won’t be that bigger struggle because of the lessons you learn during your initial struggle.

Before reading this article please be clear on following things.

  1. Earning money online is really really difficult unlike the most of the internet marketers are promoting it. Although the level of income you make varies on total effort and time you give to it but initiating the smooth income source would be quite challenging.
  2. No Investment , No Income.
    Yes its true that you can get lots of service on internet for totally free of charge but you must always be ready to invest some money to it whenever required. Investment is absolutely necessary to grow your online business and you must be ready to invest some of your hard earned money to it.
  3. There is no shortcut and competition is fierce.
    If you are willing to earn money online then millions of others like you are also trying to do the same. Even more they might be doing the same thing as you do for their income. It makes your journey too much competitive and hard . Furthermore there is no shortcut formula. You must be able to find out new tricks and ideas that will improve your gain whatever that is.
  4. Most of the tricks in various sites simply doesn’t work.

We can see thousands of tips and tricks in various websites regarding how to EMO. But most of the things explained there are simply difficult or not so easy to achieve without some heavy amount of investment.
I suggest you to understand the topic completely before spending your any time and effort into that.

Things You’ll Need

Earning money online doesn’t requires lots of things. You simply need to have good internet connection , internet skills and presentation skills . Laziness is the major enemy when it comes on doing something great.
You must be able to get rid of your laziness and habit of procrastination. You must make some rules and guidelines which will make your journey so much easier. Learning is the active process and you must learn and apply the learned concepts gradually and try not to repeat the same mistakes again. Value your time, money and effort and always hope for something bigger. Finding out whether something is scam or not would be too difficult but you must not fall under the trap of scammers . Hard and Smart work is always rewarding at the end .

Problems With Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is the another important thing . In Nepal there are not so many options when it comes on doing online transactions. We can’t use the cards issued by Nepali banks for online transaction neither we can create PayPal account from it. It would be really painful for us. If you have some friends or relative outside you could communicate with them and ask to provide their card details. There are various premium services which would be accessible just after adding the credit cards to their website. You’ll save lots of money from that. Internet is filled with tons of offers and you must be ready to grab them if they suits your need.Having PayPal account and the international debit card is very much essential , without that you might get into trouble in every step of your online journey. Always look for these options if possible.

How to know if something is scam ?

Knowing whether something is scam or not would be really difficult. Even though various online articles post proof of payments from various services that won’t be necessarily the genuine one .Do not make the following mistakes at your beginning phase .

  1. Do not waste your time with PTC (paid to click) websites. They are simply the waste of time in our experience . Beside some you won’t be able to generate good income from such services and without investment reaching your minimum payout would be nightmare.
  2. Do not waste your time with sites like captcha solving,ads viewing,video viewing,Social media actions etc.. Although you might earn some money they wont be long lasting and it requires huge time and effort to make significant amount of income.
  3. Do not invest your money in any websites without clearly understanding the overall mechanism . Most of us invest our money on various kinds of matrix , offer walls related sites. Its simply too risky and there is the huge chance that you’ll lose your money.
  4. Having writing skill is very very important. Whatever you do you must need to have good writing skills .
    If you want to convince someone, you must be able to present your ideas in trustable way. You should try to improve your communication, social media presence and writing skills.

This is the end of part 1 of multi part series on How to earn money online from Nepal. In next part we’ll talk about Top 5 ways to earn money online and furtheron we’ll discuss about each one of them in complete detail. Please do’not forgot to hit like/comment/share/bookmark this article.
Thank you from the team.

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