Writing is the great way to express your ideas and thoughts to the outer world. Writing helps you to effectively convey your idea to the broad audience in the simplest way possible. Being a writer not only makes you a creative and better thinker, it could also help you to earn a good amount of money just by utilizing your writing habit for a professional purpose. Articles are the backbone of World Wide Web. Everyone wants to read the article with high quality and resourceful contents.

Because of its high demand, there are tons of sites which will pay you fancy amount of money for writing articles to them. Although you can write your articles in your own blog, it won’t be so easy to get genuine traffic and visitors in your personal blog without doing serious SEO and marketing effort, which would be too much difficult if you are not from tech background. Even after that, earning sustainable amount of money would be too much difficult challenge. Writing in existing platform would make it easier for you to earn some money without investing your effort in SEO and marketing. You could solely focus on writing itself.

Some advantages of being a content writer are,

  • Helps you to become more creative and thoughtful
  • Helps to get passive income for a long term
  • Contents you write could be used for multiple purpose such as videos and info graphics

You can earn good money as a content writer if,

  • You have a very good English writing skills
  • You have good research skills
  • You can at least write one article a day
  • You have a PayPal account (preferred)

In this post we’ll talk about some of the good content writing websites which will pay you for you as a content writer.

1. Medium

Medium is a new but widely popular content sharing platform. The medium has a great content delivery network which manages customized news feed for each members providing great contents using machine learning algorithms. One of the great things about the medium is that you can even post the contents from your blog without removing them from the original source. That helps you to get good viewership from medium while keeping your own blog up to date. The medium has introduced a new matrix to measure your article with claps. Every member can give up to 50 claps for each article they read.

Before being a writer in medium you must join as a medium partner with or without subscribing the 5$ monthly plan. You can choose your article to be readable by all viewers or by only a medium partners with monthly subscription. If you allow everyone to read your article you might get large number of readers but significantly low income while making it readable by only the make your all views counted for income. Medium has minimum payout limit of 100$. If you are average writer and post about 2-3 article per week you can earn up to 30-250$ per month based on popularity and claps your article gets.

Accordingly them “Partner Program writers are paid every month based on how members engage with stories. Some factors include reading time (how long members spend reading a story) and applause (how much members clap). Each member’s $5 per month subscription is distributed proportionally to the stories that the individual member engaged with that month.”

It means more the clap you get from the medium partners, more money you can earn. Claps from non-partners won’t generate you any revenue. One great thing about the medium is that you don’t need to be a professional author. The medium has great SEO and search engine traffic, making it possible to get broad number of viewership. Medium has no strict criteria for the choice of category to write on. You could write on about Life Learning, Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Culture, Technology, Politics and almost anything you like. Basically medium is the great website for writing enthusiasts to share your ideas as well as earn some good money. You can learn more about medium by visiting the link below.


2. Hubpages

A few years ago hubpages is one of most popular get paid to site. Because of some algorithm changes in Google, their ranking in search engines rapidly dropped and they are far from being the number one content sharing site. It’s still a great choice for many writers. It is the best place to find long and high-quality articles on different topics such as Science, Technology, Parenting, Education, Business, Politics, Finance and many more.

Although they have strong content guideline, if you are good at writing it won’t be that hard for you to get accepted as a writer. You initial articles must be of very high quality and you must submit up to 5 quality articles for review before being accepted. Hubpages has a very supportive community, hence getting you more motivated for your work. As you can also include your personal stories, you might not need to do huge research on topics to write on. Hubpages gets about 4.2 Million monthly visitors hence making your article accessible for huge range of audience. You can choose between AdSense,Hubpages own partner program as well as amazon affiliate as a major income source.

Great thing about Hubpages is that you don’t need to do any kind of promotion or SEO of your content by yourself. Hubpages manages all of them for you. Featured articles appear in their home page making it accessible to more followers and increasing chance of earning more money .You can learn more about hubpages by visiting the link below.


3. Fiverr           

If you have done some research about earning money online you must have heard about Fiverr. Fiverr is the most popular micro-freelancing website where you can sell your services as well as buy the others one. Special thing about fiverr is that it provides very cheap and good quality services also called gigs starting just from $5. It’s very popular micro service website.

Fiverr has about 100+ services ranging from simple social media or business promotion to video and content creation. Because of its popularity peoples from all over the world use Fiverr for selling their expertise as well as buying others one. Because of its huge competition beginners might find it difficult to get good gigs but if you have good portfolio and skill set you could rapidly become the good service provider and earn good amount of money from it .

There is no any limit on how much you can earn through Fiverr. It’s totally up to you and how you can manage your time. Fiverr keeps the share of 20% for every income you made through it. After completing the order of your clients,   their money is instantly transferred to your account hence making it easier to get payments for the job you have done.

Joining and getting started with Fiverr is very easy. If you want to join or learn further more about it please visit the link below.


4. List Verse

If you are fan of reading as well as writing the list related articles list verse could be the perfect choice for you. It is the website which publishes list related posts on different categories including Entertainment, GK, Science, Space, Politics and many more. You don’t need to be experienced writer for submitting posts to list verse, you just need to have great English equivalent of native speaker, and love for collecting various kinds of list related material. This site will pay your 100$ for each of your posts if your posts fulfills the guidelines as explained in their website. Their minimum payout is 100$ and they pay via PayPal.

They will review your article before posting it to their website for quality and content guidelines. You need to include at least 10 items in your list and each item must have at least 1-2 paragraphs per entry. As PayPal is the only payment gateway it supports, you must need to have a verified PayPal account to get accepted. Your list must have a unique contents and must not contain any plagiarized stuffs. You can choose any topic you like. 

Some of the topics you could write on are: lists that are looking at something normal in an unexpected way such as unsolved mysteries, hidden knowledge (things most people don’t know), misconceptions, and just really astonishing general knowledge about anything related to—science, space etc. They don’t prefer lists on sports, self-help, personal stories and gaming as well as opinion lists. You could also add a link back to your blog or twitter account at the bottom of your list providing you high quality backlink.


5. BackToCollege

Back to college is the site featuring different topics on adults returning back to school. It provides various kinds of strategies, financial aids and guide for finding the right course for adults who want to rejoin the schools. Your articles could be based on personal stories or experience or might include various facts and other links. You could earn up to 55$ plus for your original articles if the length of article is above 1000-1500 words.

Compensation is determined by the depth of an article. It processes your payment from PayPal within 30 days of article submission and you’ll also get a receipt of invoice. There are currently 2 payment methods that backtocollege supports .You can choose to get paid from Cheque and Paypal. Payment via Cheque involves extra cost of 5$ as an administrative and mailing fee. If your articles get reprints and derivatives you could earn an extra $27.50 for it.


6. Stretcher

If you know a lot of things about simple and low-cost living, you could be the perfect writer for this website. The dollar stretcher is a group of publications dedicated to “Living Better..for Less”. Their articles provide the various ways from which peoples can save their time and money as well as earning money from home. Established its newsletter service in 1998, they have over 200000 weekly readers as well as million page views per month according to their website. Featured articles in their website are linked to homepage for a week providing great number of visitors to your article.

They also promote their articles in various social media such as Facebook, twitter (@dollarstretch) etc. for increased exposure. Google search is their main source of traffic.  They are specially looking for the ways to save peoples time and money and helping readers to stretch their dollar for a long time or to many purpose. They favor specific topics beside generic one. Having expert quote or relevant statistics would be better to include in your article. Expert advice and real data is preferred beside your personal opinion.

The payment rate of stretcher is of 0.10$ for each word published in your article. Publishing is done after initial editing. Payment is send via cheque or paypal after 2-3 weeks of acceptance of article. They would pay for your article only if it appears to be in the printed version of newsletter which is released twice every month. They get all the right for your article after submission, if your article is paid. Your article would be of minimum 500-800 words length. You could find further details on the link given below.


7. Matador Networks

Matador network is the travel blog featuring articles on adventure, culture and identities of peoples around the world. They will pay about 40$ for each genuine articles with 1500 words and more. You can write on the topics such as family kids, luxury, sports, adventure, culture, religion, study abroad and planning holidays. Their preferred choice of articles are about original writing and visual storytelling about travel, culture, and political commentary. Your article must pass their initial review before ready to get published. You could find further details on the link given below.


These are some of the get paid to write sites which you could join as a content writer. Based on your research and writing skills you could earn good amount of passive income from them. Income from sites like Hubpages and medium depends totally upon number of visitors and positive feedback you receive from your followers while sites like list verse pay you fixed amount of money per article irrespective of traffic. It’s totally your choice to choose the correct publishing platform for your article.

In next post we’ll talk about earning money online from affiliate marketing explaining different websites and their payout schemes. Thanks for reading this article. Please do not forgot to hit like/comment/share button below. If you have anything to say please comment below/message us. Thank You.

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