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1. Pick one and stick with it.

You cannot focus on many tasks at one time. Not only in programming but in every field you should focus on one particular thing before jumping into another. Focus and finish what you have started. Make habit of completing what you have stated, it can be anything such as blogging, hiking, learning to ride car, etc, it gives you a self satisfaction.

Similarly In programming before jumping into different programming languages and frameworks, firstly focus on one particular and master it. For a beginner – “Solving every challenge with one programming language is better than solving different challenges with different programming language”.

2. Have a proper road map.

Having a proper road map will help you through your learning journey. It will obviously guide you, what to do next but more importantly it will teach you, what not to do/learn next. It will save lot of your time switching from one topic to another. This will also help you to stick with one task.

Eventually, you will see how your goal reaching towards you. Take a step day by day towards your dream job just by following your road map properly.

3. You learn by doing.

You can never learn coding by reading an article or reading a whole book, you can read and understand fundamentals but to actually be a programmer, to make your own project, to take a step forward to your dream, you have to code, code and code. Always play with you code while learning.

Learning to code is like learning to drive a car, you cannot learn to drive a car by reading an article or watching a video on YouTube, you actually have drive to learn likewise you have to code, make mistake and learn to be a coder.

You are going to see error messages on your journey to become a better programmer. Hold tight and learn better, you will start enjoying, when you get good at it. Everyone loves winning, when you win you will do it again.

4. You do not need to understand everything.

Computers are so complex and there is so much to learn, and you are never going to understand everything. But that’s Okay. In the beginning, I tried to chase down the “Why” to every problem I encountered. This isn’t necessary. I use google to solve my problems and so do most programmers.

5. Don’t Quit.

Always have your determination stronger than your excuses. Most of the beginners quit after 2 weeks of coding, because its so frustrating and you don’t understand anything. But you should know that everything is hard at the beginning but when you start becoming good at it, you will definitely enjoy it.

The number one reason that most of the beginner fails to learn code or don’t become developer is because they quit, they simply quit. Remember that, when you quit you can’t become anything right but when you don’t quit the opposite will happen i.e no one can stop you to become a successful programmer and land at your first job as a developer. If you don’t quit you’re bound to be successful.

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