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Hello Everyone. Hope all of you are doing great. This post is about highest paid programming languages in Nepal and software developers salary in Nepal. This list is prepared based on the vacancies as well as informal communication with the developers working on such platforms.

In our previous article, we have talked about the common scenario of developers income in Nepali IT companies. There we have concluded that the income of a developer depends on different factors not just the platform/type of company.

But it still plays an important role in growth and income potential of a developer. In this post, we will talk about the highest paying programming languages and platforms in Nepal and salary of respective developers.


a. Ruby On Rails

Because of the lack of enough manpower and its less popularity among students, there is a huge shortage of developers working on ruby on rails. Ruby on Rails is the web development platform based on Ruby as a programming language.

It is like Django to the python and travel to the PHP for web development. In the case of Nepal ruby is somehow the alien language because of it being not taught in the curriculum and there are only a handful of companies teaching good ROR courses.

Although the number of companies working on ROR is also small, most of them are outsourcing based and due to huge demand and less supply of ROR developers, their earning is almost twice as compared to that of developers in other platforms for similar experiences.

Commonly the average ROR developer earns about 50-1,00,000 in Nepal with more than 2 years of experience.

b. iOS Development with Swift

Because of having a small iOS users base, iOS development is not so big career in Nepal. The only handful of companies specializes in iOS development because of its cost and requirements. In Nepal, iOS developers are one of the most paid developers with an income of about 50-80k per month for an intermediate level developer.

As having the iOS-based device and Mac OS X is the need for every IOS developers its cost is typically high. Even learning iOS development is not so cheap and easy as compared to other platforms. Few Companies Specializing in IOS development : A.M. Nepal, Game Studio Nepal.

c. Python Django Developer

Although python is one of the most popular languages outside Nepal, it is not so popular here. Most of the local companies are not using python because of lack of enough manpower or the cost of deployment and maintenance of python based apps.

There are a handful of companies working on this platform and most of them are outsourcing based. Django developers are also earning a good amount of money in Nepal because of lack of enough developers working on it.

Only a few students know about Django and less are interested to get training in it. Because of having less number of companies working on it, getting a job as a python developer is also harder. An intermediate Django developer earns about 40-70k per month.

d. Android Development with Java/Kotlin

Android is the biggest mobile operating system and its the most used mobile OS in Nepal. Having its great popularity and market reach Android development is the great career choice for many developers.

Because of high demand and less supply of skilled developers, the salary of Android developers is typically higher in Nepal. Even though most of the companies started following a cross-platform strategy of mobile development in recent days with react-native/native script native Java development is still the popular choice for many big companies.

Android developers have a good salary at a beginner level with similar growth furthermore. If you are an android developer,  earning money with freelancing or with your own app is also possible making it a great career choice.


e. Full Stack JS Developer (Node+Vue/React/Angular)

Nowadays most of the backend based functionalities are being implemented in client-side making server free for other more important tasks. Because of the rising of different frameworks such as vue/angular/ and react in recent years, making applications in JS is being a real choice for many companies.

Furthermore, as frameworks like Vue-native, native script and react-native are making cross-platform development far easier compared to java/swift based, companies are eager to try js for mobile development because of seamless deployment to different platforms including mobile. Senior JS developers with the necessary skills are earning about 60-80k per month.


f. ASP.NET MVC with C#

ASP.NET is the most common and widely used development platform in Nepal, mostly for business based enterprise web applications. Almost all the web development companies have some projects based on asp.net and jobs related to asp.net are always filling the vacancies.

Even though .NET is the most popular web development framework and widely taught in colleges and institutes, developers with extensive knowledge in c# and ASP are still hard to find. Because of its inherent complexity finding well-skilled ASP.NET developer is really harder.

If someone is well skilled with asp, net they could earn good money based on different factors.ASP.NET developers with 2-3 years of experience earns about 40-70 k per month.

g. PHP Laravel

Laravel is one of the most popular MVC frameworks out there. If someone is talking about PHP development it’s most likely with Laravel. Laravel development is widely competitive and one of the most popular development platform in Nepal. Because of PHP being the widely popular language for students its really competitive market to get the job for freshers. Although there is no lack of companies offering Laravel based job, most of the freshers have no skills in Laravel development. College and university courses teach nothing about object-oriented PHP and frameworks at all making it difficult for them to get the job without intermediate training. Laravel development is also a great choice for freelancing because of its rapid development support. Laravel Developers earn about 30-50k per month for an intermediate level.

This is the list of most popular and highest-paid programming languages and platforms out there. Salary given in this document is just the estimates and are based on some informal sources. You should choose the platform to work on based on your current skills and choice not solely based on the pay rates of companies.

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