A deal was made between News Corp and Facebook three weeks after the Australian government approved legislation to turn the news platform into a digital platform for news. The media company had previously signed a similar deal with Google. Following this, News Corp will give Facebook access to its news.

News Corp on Tuesday announced a three-year content deal with Facebook following a dispute between the Australian government and the digital giants, which resulted in the government paying for information on the digital platform.

This deal will apply to News Corp’s major Australian headlines as well as regional publications. Various media outlets, such as The Australian newspaper, the Sydney Daily Telegraph and the Melbourne Herald Sun, will receive content through Facebook’s news service.Sky News Australia, which reports to News Corp, was also included in the package.


The arrangement came after News Corp’s similar deal with Google last month. News Corp executive, Robert Thomson said the deal was “more than a decade in the making and is a milestone in changing the terms of trade for journalism and will have significant content and impact on our Australian news business,”.He also thanked the Australian government for “taking a majestic position for publishers” through its laws, which could force Facebook and Google to pay for news content.

Andrew Hunter, head of Facebook News Partnership Australia and New Zealand, said the company was to bring facebook news to Australia and the region.

The deal between the two comes in the form of a parliamentary inquiry into Canberra, examining the media’s dominance over News Corp and their influence in internal affairs. This sparked an anti-Murdoch petition from former Australian PM Kevin Rudd which got the signature of more than half a million Australians.