DV LOTTERY 2020 NEPAL RESULT has been published and many Nepalese are selected for it.

EDV 2020 has been finally published with all of its winners. Although the official site has been down and we are still unable to check whether we have won the DV lottery we can wait for it to be live again and check our result. You can look below to know whether you’ve got an invitation or not. As of the United States, immigration act 1990 DV lottery has been one of the easiest ways to move to the USA as a permanent resident. Each year more than 50k PR visa is issued to the applicants worldwide. Especially the countries with a low rate of immigration in previous years have been targeted as a major source of selection. The selection program is completely random to make it as diverse as possible as its name suggests.

Candidate’s country of birth is the major factor determining the eligibility for DV. Nepal is also one of the eligible countries from where candidates are selected among 50k invitations. It is also called a green card. After winning the DV lottery you can be the permanent resident of USA and you’ll get citizenship after 5-7 years as per rules by US legislature. This year DV registration opened in October 4, 2018, and ended on November 7, 2019. We can easily fill the DV lottery form either by ourselves or from cyber cafes nationwide. as of EDV’s rule, each country has a maximum of 3500 selection and more than 100k applicants are selected for the primary round. After that, the applicants are interviewed and their security and background check is done and among them, only 50k are selected for invitation. This means even if your name came in the list you might still not be invited.

How to check for DV Result 2020?

  1. Open the state government of America official website (be aware of fake sites)    www.dvlottery.state.gov
  2. Click on DV Entrant Status Checkbox on web tab and hit on check status.
  3. Click on Continue and fill your personal data
  4. Provide your confirmation number such as 20219IZ37CFEDUMO (If you have forgotton your confirmation number follow our guide here)
  5. Enter your family name (Just surname) and year of birth(2002)
  6. Prove you are not a robot by typing characters in the picture.
  7. Hit submit to check for the result.
EDV 2020 Result Nepal
EDV 2020 Result Nepal

Did you forget your confirmation number? You can check here.


If you have selected then congrats, if not don’t worry. Other opportunities are waiting for you. DV Lottery is completely random and you can’t do anything regarding it.


Here’s the name list of all the Nepalese who’ve won the DV lottery previous year. We’ll keep you updated on this year result.

Deepak Lamichanne (Baglung)
Saurav Adhikari (Kathmandu)
Madan Mani Adhikari (Tharpu)
Niranjan Thapa (Pokhara)
Niraj Sigdel (Srijanachowk)

Janak Sapkota (Spain)
Saroj Adhikari (Pokhara)
Ranjan Adhikari (Bagaletol)
Ashish Bista (Biratnagar)
Santosh Bastola (Dharan)
Saurab Baral (Pokhara)
Anuj Sigdel (Pokhara)
Milan Thapa
Sandeep Paudel
Sarita Adhikari
Pragya Sharma
Ranjana Chettri
Hari Bastola
Mala Adhikari
Janak Nepali
Nagesh Parajuli
Sarbottam Koirala
Bishnu Subedi
Chirag Adhikari

Suraj Thakali
Sudarsan Paudel
Nim Kaji Gurung
Syanu Shrestha
Rama Thakali
Binita KC

Bigyan KC
Sahil Gayak from Panthi Galli
Navin Jung Kunwar
Parash Paudel
Abishek Subedi
Niraj Kumar Sah
Bijaya Adhikari
Suresh Panta
Sakar Ranjitkar
Bibek Jaiswal
Bishwa Karki
Bikash Bhetwal
Niraj Khadka
Nagesh Parajuli
Ram Krishna Khadka

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