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  • This article will cover cg net price in nepal. One thing that’s been the talk of the town is CG net price in Nepal or its availability. People are eager to try it once so will give you detail information about it. CG Net has announced its plan to give cheaper and more quality internet service in Nepal. People were not happy about the services provided by the Nepali internet provider. Not just the price of the internet is high, the service is also not up to the standard.

After the CG Net announced it plan, all other Internet service were forced to change their prices and plans due to peer pressure. If the CG Net can maintain their service and speed then it would change the face of ISP market in Nepal. Currently there are only 3 major competition in market which is Worldlink, ClassicNet and Vianet according to the number of customers. If the CG Net Price in Nepal remains same then it is sure that most of the customer from other ISP will migrate to CG in no time.

CG Net Price in Nepal

Here is the complete list of CG Net Price in Nepal

Plan  1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
120 Mbps 999 2,997 5,994 11,988
One time Set-Up charge
Installation Charge Free Free Free Free
Drop Wire Charge Free Free Free Free
Single Band Router 2500 2000 1500 Free
Dual Band Router 3500 3000 2500 Free
Refundable deposit 500 500 500 500



Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is a special limitation or a rule which is followed by all the ISP companies. Fair use is used to restrict or throttle Internet Speeds on unlimited plans to prevent misuse or excessive use of bandwidth provided. FUP of CG Net is more than its other competitors. So not only CG net is faster and cheaper it has more limit.

FUP Level Data Usage Quota FUP Speed Policy
Original Data Bandwidth Data Consumption to 1900 GB 120 MBPS Original Speed
Level 1 Data Consumption 1900-2000 GB 50% of original
Level 2 Data Consumption2000-2100 GB 30% of original
Level 3 Data Consumption More than 2100 GB 10% of original


CG NET available in Nepal

CG Net is not available in most of the places at the current time. Even though CG Net has plan to expand its services all over Nepal, it is currently available in limited areas like Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, and Ekantakuna.If you want to know more about CG NET available in Nepal or your places you can check their website regularly.

CG NET location

CG NET | CG Communications Limited
Trade Tower Business Centre Thapathali, Kathmandu 44600

CG internet Nepal contact number

You can contact directly by using the following number.

: +977-1-5111033

CG Nepal Chairperson

The CG internet is the brain child of Mr. Binod Chaudhary who is a Chairman of CG Corp Global that includes 112 companies and 76 brands across the world.. He is a Nepalese billionaire businessman and also a chairman and president of the Chaudhary Group.


CG internet chairperson
CG internet chairperson

How to check Your Internet Speed?

There are different tools and website which can be used to check the speed of your Internet. One misunderstanding that people have is if your speed is 50Mbps then the download speed will be same which is not true. You need to divide the speed by 8 to convert it in MBps. So if you are taking the internet speed of 50Mbps then your download speed should be about 6MBps.

You can also check your speed directly by using tools such as fast.com and speedtest.net. Make sure that the no other device is connected or used while checking the speed. It is advised to directly connect the device to router by using the ethernet while checking the speed.

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