Google cuts off ties with Huawei

Google cuts off ties with Huawei A month ago, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer product division mentioned that they are preparing for their own mobile operating system in case Google decides to cut them off from Android. Mr. Richar Yu probably didn’t expect that to happen anytime soon. Nevertheless, Google cuts off ties with Huawei […]

South Korea is Switching to Linux : Why and What would be it’s effects ?

There’s good news for open source and Linux enthusiast from South Korea. South Korea’s ministry of interior and safety released a statement saying that it will migrate to Linux based systems for its governmental purpose ditching the use of windows in favor of Linux. As their statement said: migration from windows will lead to the […]

How to Retrieve EDV confirmation number?

It’s very likely that many of us have misplaced EDV confirmation number that we received during registration last year. Are you looking for a way to retrieve EDV confirmation number? Confirmation Number is mandatory to check if you have won the EDV lottery. If you have lost the number then don’t panic yet. If you […]

PUBG Banned in Nepal

Yes, you heard it right. PUBG is being banned in Nepal. The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police requested the Telecommunication Authority to impose the ban on the online multiplayer game that has taken storm all over the world. According to the officials, the decision was escalated as a result of increasing problems including mental […]


    DEBUNKING MAJOR JAVASCRIPT MYTHS   There are tons of myths surrounding JS in the web developer community. These myths typically come from the beginner developers or the js developers themselves with less knowledge of its ecosystem. Although there are some real concerns about using javascript in enterprise level development, myths and concerns are […]


Hello Everyone. Hope all of you are doing great. This post is about highest paid programming languages in Nepal and software developers salary in Nepal. This list is prepared based on the vacancies as well as informal communication with the developers working on such platforms. In our previous article, we have talked about the common […]