How To Fill EDV 2022 In the Correct Way

Introduction The USA is undoubtedly one of the most developed countries in the world. Because of that, everyone wants to live and work there. Although, with the current anti-immigrant rhetoric of Donald trump’s administration, the world’s viewpoint regarding the USA has got tons of negative vibes, With the upcoming elections, this might have the possibility […]

COVID19 Update

Year late 2019, a virus came into existence affecting the whole world. Covid19 also know as coronavirus is a pandemic disease. Since it was discovered in the year 2019, coronavirus is named to COVID 19. COVID 19 pandemic is a synonym as a coronavirus pandemic. It was first spotted in the city named Wuhan in […]


Hello Everyone in this post we are going to cover how you can set automated backup functionality in a Microsoft SQL Server with Quick and Easy Steps. Create Stored Procedure Create Backup Job and Execute Delete/Modify Jobs 1. Stored Procedure backupDB CREATE procedure [dbo].[backupDB] as begin declare @path varchar(1000); set @path=’G:\backups\backup_’+CONVERT(CHAR(10), GETDATE(), 121)+’.bak’; BACKUP DATABASE […]


In the following article, we’ll talk about different things related to morse code such as what is morse code, what is morse code for, who invented morse code, what is the morse code for SOS, what is morse code for S O S,what is morse code for SOS, who created morse code, etc. Hopefully, you’ll […]

String comparision and string similarity in javascript

JavaScript helps to compare the two different strings. A comparison of strings in java-script is quite an easy task. In java-script string, the operation can be done using the equals to the operator. For example: var string1 = “this is a text”; var string2 = “this is a text”; sting1 == string2  //true For strict […]

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